Saturday, November 5, 2016

Most DADa Thing - SF DADA Fair

As part of the SF Dada World Fair my collection of Inter DADA 84 posters, publicity cards, etc and a selection of mail art are on exhibit at the SF Library's 6th floor Skylight Gallery. It will be available to see through December 31st. Check out the photos here the blog site.

Also the book InterDADA84: True DADA Confessions is for sale at City Lights Books or at my books online. Videos are here too at the Interdada 84 blog. Selections from the library's zine collection are on display at the gallery. For more info see list.

Irene Dogmatic and I are archive consultants for the fair. SF Library has this to say... Check out Irene's exhibit nearby of early Bay Area DADA ephemera.The three part panel discussion Bastard Children of Dada can be found at my YouTube library.

This exhibit is sponsored by the San Francisco History Center’s SF Punk Archive and Book Arts & Special Collections.


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Collectors' Limited Copy Includes...

Separate Copies of
Letter from Ray - Artistamp Sheet - Mailgram from Artpool - Fax Transmission
plus tipped in items