Sunday, March 10, 2013

Official Festival Poster

Copies signed and numbered are for sale at $20 [plus shipping using PayPal.

Cavellini Car Raffle Tickets

Victoria Theater Poster

Inter DADA 84 Kit

Cardboard box painted with black, white, orange, pink, and other enamels, decorated with stamps, and labeled: "INTER DADA 84 KIT" fashioned with a nylon rope handle into a briefcase-like carrier with a nylon strip latch. Inside is a collection of clippings, printed pieces, posters, a t-shirt, and other assorted items from the INTER-DADA '84 festival of San Francisco.

With poster.

32 x 47 x 8 cm.

This is a kit I made from the posters and shirts, etc from Inter DADA 84 event. I made a few boxes and painted them to hold everything in. Photos from the Getty collection, Jean Brown Archive.