Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Little Known Facts About Inter DADA 84

Walter Alter, the artist, served as Cavellini's interpreter during the event. He went on to create a San Francisco Renaissance conference and continued with his TV installation art.

 The Stencil King Scott Williams posted stencils around the city. Scott is considered the best in the world in the art form by many critics. Gaglione, me and Rockola point out stencil: Stencil archive

Terrence and I funded the events with our own money, loans from backers and admission fees paid by non-performers. The Victoria Theater was our most costly space and postage was our greatest operating expense. Many of the materials were donated by sponsors. All loans were paid in full personally by me from the Victoria Theater receipts.

I never heard what happen to the convertible with Cavellini stickers. If you know please email me.

Anna Banana made several Inter DADA 84 commemorative artistamps. This is just one of them.

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